Thanks to all the players for attending the evaluations and

congratulations to those selected.

Tri-City Thunder Mosquito AAA Tier 1

Matthew Purdy
Drew Cavanagh
Dylan Wallace
Ethan Carson
Lucas Michaud
Ben Pearson
Declan Powell
Jeffrey Coghill
Ben Vopni
Justin Coukell
Liam Hallman
Lucas Gill
Tri-City Thunder Mosquito AAA Tier 2
Aidan Holt
Ethan Juul
Alex Marsh
Brendan Birakowski
Ryan Murphy
Nathan Grant-Gaines
Brendan Haraguchi
Cade Chamberlain
Dayton Nielsen
Sam Lund
William Bradshaw
Kevin An
Lincoln James
Tri-City Thunder Mosquito A
Alex Stone
Amaree Samnani
Bruce Huang
Carter Rettie
Christopher Black
Cooper Sanderson
Dayton Killum
Garin Danyluk
Lucas Bechard
Matthew Dowdall
Parker Smith
Sam Tack
Shay Luchinski