Burnaby Summer Tournament

Tri City Indians
Mosquito A All Stars

Burnaby Summer Tournament
2nd place

BC Baseball Provincial



Mosquito Single A All Star Selections

Congratulations to the following players

who have been selected for the Mosquito "A" Summer Ball Team:

  • Ben Pearson
  • Justin Coukell
  • Dylan Wallace
  • Ben Vopni
  • Matthew Purdy
  • Lucas Michaud
  • Aidan Holt
  • Drew Cavanagh
  • Ethan Carson
  • Jeffrey Coghill
  • Alex Marsh-Deol
  • Declan Powell
  • Kevin An
  • Ethan Juul

Thanks to all the players that were at evaluations

and for those not selected there may be a "AA" team being formed so stay tuned!

Steve Cavanagh

CMMBA /Mosquito Coordinator