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Bantam AA Tri- City Thunder wins Boulanger tournament in Cloverdale June 28-July 1st

15U Bantam (Born 2005-2006)

"The Bantam division is for players born in 2004 and 2005, and is divided into three tiers, "AAA", "AA", and "A". All of the Bantam teams will play interlocking schedules with other associations.

The "AAA" team is a single season team and is now a merge of three associations, CMMBA, Poco Minor, and Vancouver Minor. They will compete under the name of the West Coast Cardinals, and will consist of players from all three of the associations.

The "AA" team will compete as a single season team that either Poco Minor or CMMBA players have an opportunity to try out for. The "AA" season will run from mid-January pre-season workouts and tryouts, until potentially mid-August depending on the success of the team in Provincials and Western Canadians.

Single "A" is generally a division of recreational baseball players with a mix of others who choose to not try out for a rep team and play at this level. The balanced single "A" teams will be competing in an interlocking schedule that ends in late June. There will be an opportunity for players from both Poco Minor and CMMBA who wish to play summer ball at the "A" level as a merged team. Tryouts will be announced on the website when they are finalized.

Any questions should be directed to the Bantam Coordinator

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