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9U Tadpole (Born 2011-2012)

If your son/daughter is in Grade 2 or 3 (born 2010 or 2011) then they will play in the CMMBA Tadpole Division during the 2019 season. We welcome new and returning players to the Tadpole Division where the focus is on player safety, fun and skill development.

At this level we introduce players to many of the regular rules of baseball such as players pitching (no more tee ball) and 3 'outs' per inning. Games and practices will be held Wednesday evenings and Sundays. All players require long pants, proper shoes (cleats not required), a glove and a batting helmet with chin strap.

Before you register, please read the FAQs for the CMMBA Tadpole Division for details about registration, team assignments, games/practices, and equipment. We also encourage you to review the rules for the Tadpole Division and check out the pictures from last year's events in our 'photo galleries' web page.

Any questions that are not covered in the FAQs for the CMMBA Tadpole Division?

Please contact:

Tadpole Coordinator